Emily (Abergele Youth Shedder)

"Youth club had helped me to make friends and know it is ok to be who I am and has helped with confidence boosting and someone will always have your back"

Ebony (Abergele Youth Shedder)

“Abergele Youth Shed has helped me do things I would never do and it has helped me realise that being different is okay and to be myself no mater what anyone else thinks about me and it has helped me come out of my shell and talk to people.”

Rhys (Abergele Youth Shedder)

“Abergele Youth Shed has helped me engage and it has provided opportunities that I could not have had otherwise. Now that I have finish school I can carry on with my education because I am constantly learning things even though sometimes it may seem I am not.”

Mara (Abergele Youth Shedder)

"We do loads of fun activities like The Crocky Trail, Chester city trips and Chester zoo. My favourite thing about Abergele Youth Shed are the youth workers."

Emma (Abergele Youth Shedder)

"I have been coming to Abergele Youth Shed for over a year now I think. They did a talk at school and even though no one from school wanted to go I did. So on my own I went because I wanted to be able to do normal stuff like other kids. You see I have epilepsy and have never been out to play after school or nip to town unless I have a trusted friend which is something sadly I've not been able to rely on. We all have our issues and problems this is just mine.

I was made very welcome and even though I was very quiet and shy I enjoyed the different activities and making new friends! Starting to feel more 'normal' and independent it has been more than just a fun place to go its been my lifeline to what can be an amazing life. Its made me see the possibilities and made me dare to dream for my future.

I am glad I was brave enough to give it a try and if you're thinking about it to, breath deep and walk in... You won't regret it!"

Harrison (Abergele Youth Shedder)

"Abergele youth shed is a fun place that does fun stuff for young people."