Our Programs

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Clubs

Our regular weekly sessions run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and are an incredible opportunity for the youth who are aged between 10-16 can come to relax, have fun, learn skills that would otherwise be inaccessible to most young people such as film equipment, outdoor and indoor sports, wood work, painting, cooking sessions, nature exploration, art classes and and other fun activities. But untimely our aim in these sessions is to create a space for young people to be safe, learn basic life skills and be themselves without judgement of others.

Our 15+ Friday session is a great opportunity for young people aged 15+ who are still in high school to can come and relax, be themselves, make new friends and learn new skills such as; music, art, dance, CV writing and many other things. Our aim in these sessions is to create a space where teenagers who are developing into adulthood are better equipped when they go off to university, into a job or a career. We also want every teenager who comes through our doors to feel a sense of belonging and community. During the pandemic, we have seen an increasing need for community and support for young people and our Friday sessions is a great opportunity for that.

Sometimes we organise a fun trip on a few Saturdays throughout the year. These trips have done survival adventure activities, an art gallery trip, bike rides and many more. Due to the pandemic, a lot of our trips have been put on hold but we have lots of activities ready to go for when lockdown is lifted again.

Breakfast Club

Every Wednesday morning before school at 7:45-8:45, we host a breakfast club for young people between years 3-11. This is a chance for any children who would normally go to school hungry to have some food in their bellies. It's also a chance for them to have a space where they can get ready, do their hair, do their teeth if they need to and have someone to talk to so they can start their day right. Our aim with the breakfast club is to improve young peoples mental health and self care so they feel empowered when they enter school.

Detached work is an important part of the youth work process. Whereas a youth worker is centre based or an outreach worker literally ‘reaches out’ to bring young people into a building...detached work takes youth work to young people, wherever they are in the community. Detached workers are trained to deliver youth work whether on a street corner, park, bus stop or beach. Due to the unique relationship youth workers formulate with young people, they are perfectly placed to co-ordinate and help in the delivery of intervention and prevention services.

At Youth Shedz Aberegele we have a dedicated detached work team delivering 4 sessions per week ‘out on the streets’ and a further two sessions that are project or activity based.

Our focus over the next year is supporting the wider Covid19 strategy whilst supporting young people’s well being, behaviour and future place in a post Covid community. We signpost pathways where the most vulnerable can get much needed support and advice.

Outside youth action, coastal path bike rides, park bbq’s, beach games, surfing, graffiti projects, mountain walks, forest school and bushcraft camp are just some of the activities provided by the team.

Normally, we can be found on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening around Abergele, Pensarn, Belgrano and Kinmel Bay. Please contact youth sheds directly in order to find out exactly the location for that week or for further information on projects (usually run in day time and weekend activities).

If you would like to report of any activity of young people in your area, please contact Blue (Detached Team Leader) at blue@abergeleyouthshed.org.

Small group sessions

We provide small group sessions or one to one support for young people that need extra support and are not in education, employment or training.

We offer these young people amazing opportunities such as wood working, bike maintenance training, music lessons, strategy games and teaching basic life lessons.

Because we build a connection based on trust, we believe that the young people are relaxed and can then share their worries and feelings. They then feel ready to try new things they would otherwise not normally have the opportunity to.

These sessions build confidence and self esteem and prepare the young people for a return to education, employment or training.

Online Sessions

During the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns, we have been running online video call sessions and online content for all our young people. In these sessions, we try to make it as fun as possible whilst still delivering content that helps develop and empower our young people. We have seen a serious need for young people during these times as they are not spending time with their friends, in school and are exercising less. All these combined can have a negative affect on their mental health, so our aim in every session is to keep moral high, give them an avenue to express their feels and emotions and to encourage them.